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Bosch Diagnostics plus Full VW & Land Rover Jaguar SDD Diagnostic : We subscribe direct with the manufacturers to gain the latest information on all models.   

Want to get rid of that annoying warning light on your dashboard? We are able to offer a full diagnostics service for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Our staff are fully trained to deal with warning light fault diagnostics, fault correction such as airbag faults and ABS faults and much more. Don't guess or Google the fault we know by the following the correct procedure and methods this is the best way to ensure the vehicle is fixed first time.  

Modern cars contain onboard computers that monitor and take care of the various systems in your vehicle. These computers look after the running of the engine, control the airbags, ABS, traction control, power steering, central locking, anti theft devices etc. When these computers detect a problem, they will in most instances show a warning light on your dashboard. But not always.

You can trust us to find and repair any electrical issues with your car or commercial vehicle!