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Independent Vehicle Servicing Warranty Kent


Many people still think that they have to use the main dealer to service their car to keep up the warranty in the first few years and some dealers still tell their customers that this is the case.

East Kent Automotive are able to service your car without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty.


Yes. There was a time when it was difficult to go anywhere other than a franchised dealer to get a car serviced when it was still within its warranty period.

In October 2003 European Union legislation, ‘Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002′ (BER) came into force. This meant that independent repairers can carry out normal maintenance and repair services during a vehicle’s warranty period without invalidating the warranty conditions provided that:

·         Your vehicle service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing schedules and is recorded .

·         Any parts used are of ‘appropriate quality’ and are recorded as such.

·         All genuine parts are covered by the manufacturers 2 year warranty.

All our work is quality assured and guaranteed, with all parts and labour carrying a twelve month or 12,000 miles warranty. As we only use genuine OE quality parts and materials, your vehicle warranty stays fully protected.

Your car will be inspected and serviced according to our itemised service schedule. Every point will be thoroughly checked by our qualified technicians.

At East Kent Automotive we only use genuine manufacturer service parts and can save you money on main dealer prices.  We use the same diagnostic equipment compulsory for a main dealer

You no longer need to pay main dealer prices for labour, parts or accessories... and that means you could easily save up or more than 50% on service or repair work. 

These savings apply whether your car's still under warranty from the manufacturer, or outside the warranty period.